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  • Transport in Greece
    I think the quickest way is to get a bus to Patra, and then a ferry from there - it's on the right side of the peninsula. The airport in Athens isn't a terrible place to spend a few hours - there are 24 hour coffee shops and snack bars - and I don't think ending up in central Athens at 3pm ...

  • ferry from greece to rome or train to venice?
    I took the Blue Star ferry from Patras to Bari last summer and then took the train over to Rome. The ferry is an overnight thing (17 hours) but the train is only about 3 hours, if I remember correctly. ...

  • cigaretts
    I smoke American Spirit unfiltered cigaretts. I am unable to buy them in Italy. I wonder if anyone knows if they are available in Athens, Patras, or Croatia [ I will be staying in Hvar and traveling around on day trips]. georgl ...

Patra blog inlägg

  • kalambaka to patras
    i was wondering if anyone knows to best was to get from kalambaka to patras ...
    Posted in Kalambaka to patras by crasian

  • Trains and Automobiles
    Spent all of today getting across the Peloponesse from Patras to Nafplio. Nafplio is a name I've taken a while to get right. I think I've said every combination of Na****o today. It's like the name ...
    Posted in Western Europe by cannon_fodder

  • Transit
    Finally in Patras and I hardly believe I made it. I'd booked the ferry that leaves at 8pm from a port city called Beri. Then when I looked at the train times to go from Rome to Beri, there was one that leaves 8 am and the one that leaves at 2:50 pm, arriving at 6:50 pm, with none between. The italian ...
    Posted in Western Europe by cannon_fodder

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Patras Palace Hotel

Patras Palace Hotel

15, Othonos Amalias Street Achaia, Peloponesse (Karta) - Hotell
Poseidon Palace Hotel-Patra

Poseidon Palace Hotel-Patra

Kaminia, Patra (Karta) - Hotell
Konstantinos Palaiologos Hotel-Patra

Konstantinos Palaiologos Hotel-Patra

Gerokostopoulou 20 (Karta) - Hotell