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Heathrow diskussioner

  • Sleeping in Heathrow?
    Hey there folks.. I am due to be sleeping overnight in heathrow terminal 3 on the 8th dec before flying out to Lima on the 9th... has anyone anytips? It is either that or £80 for a hotel. ...

  • Gay Heathrow Airport
    Hi Folks I work quite a lot in and around Heathrow Airport and do not always want to travel into central London for a night out. Does anyone know any exclusively gay or gay friendly pubs , clubs , restaurants etc in or around the Airport. Cheers Geejay ...

  • Heathrow, Gatwick etc.... How was it for you?
    Although I missed out on the 'fun' of a few weeks ago, I landed at Heathrow again last night. I'm not sure what terminal we landed in, but having just come from Hong Kong, it sure looked pretty dated. Terminal 5, where our connection left from was nice though, and the security check was super quick ...

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Heathrow House Bed and Breakfast
84 %

Heathrow House Bed and Breakfast

1 Uxbridge Road Feltham, Middlesex (Karta) - Gästhus
Revive Lodge
76 %

Revive Lodge

89 Hounslow Road Feltham, Heathrow (Karta) - Gästhus
The Swan Inn
72 %

The Swan Inn

16 The High Street Stanwell Heathrow Middlesex (Karta) - Gästhus
Heathrow Lodge
69 %

Heathrow Lodge

556, Old Bath Road Longford, Middlesex (Karta) - Hotell
The Ambassador Heathrow Hotel

The Ambassador Heathrow Hotel

10 Hanworth Road Feltham,Middlesex (Karta) - Hotell