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  • List towns/cities you have visited (so Country-Town/City
    ) Germany (Cologne, Aachen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover (3 times), Minden (10 times), Loh hof ...

  • Hostel Safety.........
    I've pushed my luck and done the following in hostels - left my laptop on my bed in Taipei - left my laptop on the floor in London - left my luggage unlocked with my passport and cash inside in Taipei, London and Aachen So far nothing has happened. But I wouldn't recommend that you try ...

Aachen blog inlägg

  • Aachen
    arrived in Aachen quite late especially after adding an extra 75 miles or so (at about $9 a gallon ...
    Posted in Europe 2011 by arkfinitalia

  • 线路初定~
    ?然后再去两个重要博物馆:梵高博物馆和国立博物馆。然后想去周边最近的风车村、木鞋店和奶酪店。(这个再穷游) 阿姆不看性,小心毒品和暴力。专注于木鞋、风车和奶酪。 住宿:Bruges CS D3(10.17)Bruges-Brussels-Aachen 交通: Bruges-Brussels:12:00左右返回Brussels Brussels-Aachen:16:00左右出发去Aachen 游览: Bruges:圣血教堂、圣母像、古城街道 Brussels:撒尿小孩、欧洲议会、Godiva巧克力、动漫博物馆(有时间的话) Aachen:找到Chris的家,傍晚闲逛。三国交界、RWTH 住宿:Aachen CS 帮忙打扫、赠送小礼物 D4(10.18)Aachen-Cologne 交通 ...
    Posted in Amsterdam-Aachen by Kisu

  • Aachen, Bonn and Drolshagen
    Aachen Gallery Bonn Gallery Drolshagen Gallery That's right, three towns for your ...
    Posted in Shoestrung! by scy

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A&O Aachen Hauptbahnhof
81 %

A&O Aachen Hauptbahnhof

Hackländerstraße 5 (Karta) - Vandrarhem
Hotel Buschhausen
77 %

Hotel Buschhausen

Adenauerallee 215 52066 (Karta) - Hotell