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  • dateline: Oslo, Norway - man sleeps through round-trip!
    flight from central Norway city of Trondheim via Roervik to his hometown of Namsos on Thursday. When he woke up, he was back in Trondheim. "I was really taken aback when I heard the cabin attendant say `welcome to Trondheim' when I opened my eyes and thought I had arrived in Namsos," he was quoted as saying ...


  • Bergen
    caught the connecting train about an hour later which dropped us in Trondheim around 3pm. A little bit train weary, we found a city map of Trondheim and started the walk to our room for the night, it turned ...
    Posted in Tim & Jo by timnz

  • Trondheim, Norway
    Tuesday, June 19 Trondheim, Norway Sunrise: 3:01AM Sunset: 11:37PM Temperature: 50° Partial clouds Trondheim is an ancient Viking capital dating back to 996 with a population of 152,699. 6:30AM 7:15AM Breakfast: Cereal, fruit, rolls, toast, O.J., coffee 8:40AM Hudson Room 5. We gather ...
    Posted in norway by cincybob

  • Tromso to Trondheim
    Trondheim, farmlands started becoming more and more prominent part of the landscape. Trondheim ...
    Posted in Our Scandinavian Journey by staaleand

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Best Western Chesterfield Hotel
96 %

Best Western Chesterfield Hotel

Söndregate 26 (地圖) - 旅館
Singsaker Sommerhotell
88 %

Singsaker Sommerhotell

Rogertsgt. 1 (地圖) - 旅館
Trondheim Vandrerhjem

Trondheim Vandrerhjem

Weidemanns Vei 41 (地圖) - 青年旅社