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Osprey with fish



  • Convince me!!
    How about the Dutch Antillies ( Bonaire (for diving) & Curacoa (snorkeling))it might get a bit boring when you're not diving though: ...

  • Where to go !?
    Bonaire,the DIVERS PARADISE, Netherland Antilles. KLM direct to Bonaire on the flight to Ecuador or KLM Amsterdam-Bonaire-Aruba-Amsterdam 2 x per week Warm,also the water,excelent diving! Marlis ...


  • Bonaire
    Bonaire Bonaire Bonaire Via Curacao zijn we met de fokker 50 naar Bonaire gevlogen. Tijdens de landing bewonderen we de roze zoutvlakte die de flamingo´s hun mooie kleur geven. Bonaire telt ...
    Posted in Me gusta! by Me gusta

  • Bonaire
    when we docked in Bonaire at noon. We could see the salt mines, which is where most sea salt comes from ...
    Posted in Tammy's Travels by tammyk

  • Bonaire
    Bonaire, after Curaçao and Aruba I arrived at Bonaire. What a difference, you will hardly believe. Although it is part of the same group as Aruba and Curaçao it springs out positive. In nature and quietness ...
    Posted in Garfield around the world by erodrigo

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定價 受歡迎程度
Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire

Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire

Kaya Scorpio 17 Belnem Bonaire (地圖) - 招待所
Happy Holiday Homes Bonaire

Happy Holiday Homes Bonaire

Punt Vierkant # 9 P.O. BOX # 216 (地圖) - 公寓