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  • help! can't decide where to go!!
    Hi all, I just can't decide. I do have the opportunity to do an exchange semester next year. I picked out three locations I could consider going... Hongkong, China Suwon, Korea Maribor, Slovenia what would you do? ps: I'm studying economics a+ kat ...


  • Suwon
    Just south of Seoul : Suwon. The city is surrounded by a huge fortress wall (6km long). I started with a walk at night. I twisted my ankle like a stupid girl in the uneven stairs so the days after was just resting. And the other half of the wall during day time : ...
    Posted in Trip through Asia, from India to Japan! by ChachaInAsia

  • Suwon zum Zweiten
    Nachdem wir die Festungsanlagen bei unserem ersten Besuch in Suwon verpasst hatten, beschlossen wir, dies nachzuholen. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit stellten wir fest, dass dieser Entscheid sich lohnte ...
    Posted in Jauri's awesome trip to Asia by Jauri

  • Nami Island - Suwon - Seoul
    or what is it for. 27/12/2009: Suwon Today, despite of another day of cold weather, we headed for Suwon where our first destination is the Hwaseong Fortress. Some of them eagerly tried Korean archery ...
    Posted in Lingering On And On by Lingering

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Suwon Hostel

Suwon Hostel

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