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  • Is your hotel/hostel a good place to walk from?
    I typed "Magdeburg" into the search bar of the site. The map showed the city centre - with curious results! It got a walkability score of 45 out of 100, when I know for a fact that the walkability of the area shown is over 90. (Give me some credit, I live two streets away and I do not own a car.) What made ...


  • fruckby
    in other news, the Australians brought the amaying sport of fruckby to magdeburg. In these gift bags we were given (along with a switchblade knife but thats another story.....that mark can explain) we got frisbees. So naturally we wanted to team the germans frisbee....except it became like contact ...
    Posted in Germany Exchange 2007 by CTHS

  • Elba Trip
    Dresden Day 6 Meissen & Torgau Day 7 Wittenberg Day 8 Dessau & Magdeburg Day 9 Potsdam & Berlin Day 10 ...
    Posted in Our Travels by dgreening

  • You say hello, I say good bye
    landen. Über das Wochenende bin ich in Dresden und in Magdeburg, um meine Familie zu sehen. Macht es gut ...
    Posted in KJ in Texas by KayJu

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Sleep & Go Hotel Magdeburg
73 %

Sleep & Go Hotel Magdeburg

Rogätzer Strasse 5a (地圖) - 旅館
City Inn Magdeburg
65 %

City Inn Magdeburg

Carnotstrae 5 (地圖) - 旅館