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Bashadi Mosque



  • Cheapest country(s) to travel in?
    can be your free guide here------ -snip, use message center- SABIR SHAH Lahore ...

  • Avoid Thai Airways at all costs
    Bad name? Ha! Thai Airways is one of the worst, if not the worst, airlines of all time. I had a flight from Bangkok to Delhi that rerouted us in the middle of the night into Pakistan with a planeload of Indian Nationals. We landed in Lahore and were ORDERED off the plane by the military, there was no food ...


  • Lahore
    a very relaxing spot to wander around. LAHORE FORT The origin of the fort is obscure, attributed ...
    Posted in Asia Overland 2006-2008 by andyhay

  • Lahore
    With the museum once again shut and the "permit" booze shop closed too, losing my beard and having ...
    Posted in Asia Overland 2006-2008 by andyhay

  • INDIA 2006
    Dear ones start reading on Lahore, Delhi and Rajistan I think we should take a train to Amristar and then bus to Lahure may be even walk cross the border to Pakistan and have Azam to pick us up..????? back in India we should fly to Udaipur and drive up to Delhi what do you thing? [*] ...
    Posted in INDIA 2006 by ARTENEWYOR

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Lahore Backpackers

Lahore Backpackers

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