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  • Rio-Goa
    Which is better? Brazil or Goa? In terms of whatever a traveller looks for. ...

  • got the flight ticket to anywhere need help??????
    Hi Mally what kind of place actually you are looking for and what kind of views; beaches or hills or desert. In India you have got everything and cheap and safe. Goa-for beaches, Rajasthan-( Jaisalmer)- for desert and Garwaland Kumaon -for hills. Though the hills will be cold now but get better deals. If you ...

  • first time round the world travel
    hey i've decided to do a round the world travel-i'm planning to go to mexico, thailand, san fransisco, japan, india and morocco cant decide exactly how long for-between 3-7 months. As im not planning to work in any country as it'll take away the freedom of travelling-how much do you think it is realistic ...


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Via Samorì, 11 Castrocaro Terme (FC) (地图) - 旅馆