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Diskussionen zu Bangkok

  • South East Asia/Australia Jan 2013
    Hey people, I'm 26, leaving the UK for Thailand to start my travels around SEA for 6 months then fly to Cairns on a WHV, no set plans as yet just making a list of places I want to visit, any suggestions on where to stay for my first couple of nights in Bangkok would be great, Thanks John ...

  • Where to go from NY??
    Hey! I will be finishing a road trip in NY in September and wanting to go on somewhere else travelling south east Asia ultimatly ending up in Bangkok... I dont want to go via Australia so can any recommend where to fly to next?! Thank you ...

  • tattoo???
    Hi all, Bit of a strange one but thought i would ask anyway. I am in bangkok at themoment and was thinking of getting a tattoo done, was just wondering if anyone else had got a tattoo in bangkok? is it safe, and could anyone recomend anywhere? As i say bit of a strange question i guess but thought ...

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