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Swansea Discusiones

  • List towns/cities you have visited (so Country-Town/City
    , Nottingham, Northampton, Southampton, Leicester, Swansea, Tenby, Peterborough, Farnham, Basingstoke ...

  • Long Distance Relationships
    Well i had one but it pretty much dissolved. I wanna know how long distance relationships stay strong because theres still a chance for me. I live in Illinois USA and she lives in Swansea, Wales. I love her but i wanna see her regularly instead of only holidays. Ah its tough. ...

Swansea Entradas en el blog

  • Swansea & Mumbles
    by our Welsh boss who when asked about the city just shrugged and said, "I like Swansea better." Therefore, with only two days to cover southern Wales we woke up early on Sunday and headed out to Swansea which is about 1.5 hours north west of Cardiff. Swansea is the third largest city in Wales (pop: 230 ...
    Posted in an ocean apart by broden

  • Swansea Homestay
    's students, they picked Swansea, Wales. It must be written in the stars because I actually used to live in Swansea when I was little. It is also the main reason that I wanted to come back and study in the UK ...
    Posted in Action is Character by CuriousCaseOf

  • Hobart – Swansea
    Headed north up through Richmond and then on to Swansea. The coastline is surely pretty and somewhat remote. Swansea was a very cute little town of just 600. We noticed many of the key buildings around ...
    Posted in AROUND AUSTRALIA TRIP by cssc

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Glevdon Park Hotel
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Glevdon Park Hotel

362 Oystermouth Road Swansea (Mapa) - Hotel
Express by Holiday Inn

Express by Holiday Inn

Llandarcy, Neath (Mapa) - Hotel
The Windsor Lodge Hotel

The Windsor Lodge Hotel

Mount Pleasant (Mapa) - Hotel
The Gower Hotel

The Gower Hotel

11 Church Lane Bishopston (Mapa) - Hotel