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  • Thailand (continued)
    Northern Most of Thailand" - Guess they ran out of room! We finished up at Chiang Rai, where we crashed ...
    Posted in HT and Tez's Amazing Race by HT

  • Laos 1
    the river from Chiang Khong - a 3 min boat ride in a tiny boat loaded with 6 backpackers and 6 backpacks so that it was reminiscent of the bamboo rafting in Chiang Mai ie barely above the surface. Huay Xia is notable for two ...
    Posted in Sniamh by steve1000

  • Chiang Rai
    How Bazaar Our day in Chiang Rai was spent walking around the city, keeping in the shade as best we could and in some ways keeping out of the wats (temples). One of the attractions we found ...
    Posted in Tiki Touring by Tiki Touring

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The North Hotel
87 %

The North Hotel

612/100/101 Sirikorn Market, T. Wiang, A. Muang (Mapa) - Hotel
Suanthip Vana Resort

Suanthip Vana Resort

49 Chiang Mai -Chiang Rai Road Takok, Mae Suai (Mapa) - Hotel
The Greater Mekong Lodge

The Greater Mekong Lodge

Close to tbe Mekhong River in the Golden Triangle Park, Ban Sop-Ruak, Chiang Saen (Mapa) - Hotel
Prai Nurn Resort

Prai Nurn Resort

13 Banhuafai Bandu, Muang (Mapa) - Hotel
The Imperial Golden Triangle Resort

The Imperial Golden Triangle Resort

222 Golden Triangle, Chiang Sa (Mapa) - Hotel