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Nara Discusiones

  • 10 days in Japan! What to do?
    I agree with Zags, Onsen is definitely not to be missed. There are also Sentos (neighborhood public bathhouses) everywhere so if you can't make it to Onsen, try that. I would also recommend going to Osaka for great food, Nara and Kyoto for its temples and great people, Hiroshima ... The list is long so ...

  • Travel companion to Japan - Mid Oct 2011
    ! Itinerary : from Tokyo through Nagoya and on to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka .. or lesser...dunno if it fits 7 ...

  • 2 weeks in Japan
    , Tokyo, Nara, Mout Koya, Kyoto and Osaka. I get in late on the 9th and I'm tossing up heading straight ...

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Nara Entradas en el blog

  • Nara
    to make our way into Nara for a nature fix. We made our way to the trains, and got on a really comfortable ...
    Posted in Tales From The Future by agc_cwm

  • Nara
    Wie geplant habe ich den Zug um halb zehn rum Richtung Nara genommen und bin beim zweiten Umstieg ...
    Posted in Dreams can come true by Janima

  • Nara
    Nara on Japanin entinen pääkaupunki ja Kioton tavoin pullollaan Unescon World Heritage -kohteita. Melkoisen hulppeita temppeleitä löytyikin. Katsastettiin kolme: Kofuku-ji, Kasuga Taisha ja Todai-ji. Kasua Taishaan vie upein kivilyhdyin reunustettu kuja. Todai-ji:stä taas löytyy valtava buddhapatsas. Satuimme ...
    Posted in Levoton sielu by vilmalotta

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