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  • Adzin02: Oriëntatie (1) / Von Semarang nach Riung
    In Semarang liepen we voorbij een gebouw waar het sterk naar kruidnagelen rook. We kwamen aan de praat met de veiligheidsbeambte die ons vervolgens uitnodigde om binnen te komen kijken. Het was een ...
    Posted in Great new experience by UrsulaAnton

  • Pack!
    I need to pack! In 2 days we're going to Central Java by car. First destination: Semarang, but will stop by in Cirebon (West Java) to have the tasty fried chicken! Then from Semarang to Blora, my dad's hometown to visit granddad's house (now our relative is taking care of the house), eat the Tahu Lontong ...
    Posted in zags travels by zags

  • Back to Jakarta
    Monday was mainly a day for travel. Ari’s driver, Ferry, picked us up in Caritas and we made our way back to Jakarta. We hung out at Ari’s house, ate dinner and tried to get to sleep early. Wake up call for Tuesday morning? 3AM. Tomorrow we’re off to Semarang, about an hour’s flight east along ...
    Posted in Amee and Robs in Indonesia by aarindu

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