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Luoyang Discusiones

  • Travelling in China
    Hi Fellow Brave travellers whom have been to China, we are thinking of travelling to China to the following cities, in no particular order: Guilin, Hangzhou, Luoyang, Xi'an, Beijing, and Shanghai. I wanted to know if anyone has any good suggestions on which Travel tour to join or what is the best way of touring ...

  • From Bejing to Shanghai in Jan.
    Beijing (5 days) -- Pingyao (1 day) -- Xi'an (2 days) -- Luoyang (1 day) -- Shaolin (1 day) -- Zhengzhou (1 day) -- Nanjing (2 days) -- Suzhou (1 day) -- Hangzhou (2 days) -- Xitang (1 day) Shanghai (2 days) ...

    wide). And the schedules are varied too.. for example you can get a train from Luoyang to Keifang only ...

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