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Luxor Discusiones

  • Cairo Luxor Trains and Taxis
    a day tourist train to Luxor on Sat. My question is, will I be able to buy a ticket on Thursday ...

  • Egypt Travel - Luxor to Dahab?
    Hey guys, I leave for Egypt in 6 weeks- I'm sooo excited!! Question- What is the best way to get from Luxor to Dahab? Then, what is the best way to travel from Dahab to Cairo? Thanks you to allwho have responded to my previous postings!! You've all been a tremendous help! Happy travelling! Wil ...

  • Taxi around Luxor
    I ahven't received any information about the following. Please someone must have some experience with these two questions. What would be a reasonble price for a taxi for the day in Luxor? How would I go about obtaining small denominations LEs for tipping etc.? Thanks ...

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