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Kochi Discusiones

  • Renting a car in Kerala
    Can anybody give recommendations - is getting a car in Kochi and travelling around Kerala i sound option? Although distances are not very long, bus drives are slow. We are five people and one of them is still a child. If yes - any idea of expenses? Is it easy? Better with/without a driver? ...

  • Tamil Nadu
    - backwaters - Kochi - Fly to Delhi Option B Kochi - backwaters - train to Goa - Fly to Delhi I've hear Tamil ...

  • Rail travel Goa to kerala + Houseboat cruise.
    If you are getting down in Kerala then Cochin/Kochi (Ernakulam) is the city you need to be in. From there are many places that offer boat rides. Even near by towns like Kovallam are famous for boat rides but Cochin is probably the centrepoint from where you can make further decisions. I say Cochin ...

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