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Luxembourg City Discussions

  • 2 weeks driving in N/W Europe?
    and Luxembourg. I'd prefer to avoid all the big cities in between the start and end points. This route covers just over 1000 miles. Is that too much to drive in 2 weeks? Luxembourg really packs on the additional ...

  • The cheap transportation fee travel between Benelux & Paris?
    In Paris, just use the Metro. There's one on just about every street corner. There are also plenty of trains between Paris and Luxembourg. The TGV takes no time--about 2 hours or so. Where in Benelux are you going to be staying? Bus service is pretty good in Luxembourg City. I honestly wouldn ...

  • Paris - Questions regarding areas of the city
    My husband and I are planning a quick 3 1/2 day, 3 night trip in Paris as a stop on our May 2010 Europe trip. Was in Paris for about 48 hours when I was 15 years old, so needless to say, I'm not at all familiar with the city. I'm wondering what area / neighborhood would be good for lodging. We plan ...

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Luxembourg City Entrées dans le blog

  • Luxembourg
    around Differdange (the city in Luxembourg where I'm staying) and Luxembourg city. That weekend we went ...
    Posted in Luxembourg by AmandaAK

  • Luxembourg
    To Luxembourg City from the French border, is only a 20 minute drive, so we arrived quite early and found a campground to use as a base from which to explore the city itself. The weather gave us little chance to venture out so we sorted our washing and planned a walking tour of the city for the following ...
    Posted in The Honeymooners by RobandEve

    the better part of valor and turning back for the hotel. But the city of Luxembourg is beautiful, even if I don't have many pictures to attest to that. In Luxembourg, people grow up learning and speaking ...
    Posted in Young at Heart by obanlass

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