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  • DAY 27
    and Diane at Gold Sport Cycle in Ithaca, New York. Jason also did a great job, and was quick, friendly ...
    Posted in Motorcycle Trips by meyer3273

  • Getting ready
    Its the friday before we leave and there is still so much to do. Had a few drinks with Chrissie and Karen tonight to catch up before we meet next in Ithaca. We all looked really tired, weary from finishing off our workload and looking forward to our holiday. Not long now. ...
    Posted in Yens on Tour by Yenville

  • Blogging
    Its Monday night and we said goodbye to the Smiths tonight. They take off for Sydney tomorrow and then take their first flight to London on Wednesday. So exciting. Next time we see them will be in Ithaca mid-July. Next to go are the Sykiotis', then us and the Houlcrofts, Karen and Scott then Steve Carroll ...
    Posted in Yens on Tour by Yenville

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