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Foto di Ulan Bator

UB from USSR memorial
Genghis Khan - En Mongole :  Chintchis Han

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  • Trans-mongolian express: how much does it cost?
    Hello, I am going take the trans-mongolian express form Moscow to Beijing with a friend next summer . Now, we don't want to go directly to Beijing, so we're taking some stops in Irkutsk and Ulan Batur (possibly) and stay there for a few days. Does anyone know how much it differs in rates compared ...

  • Moscow to Beijing
    to Ulan Bator, then get a local train from there to Zamin Uud, cross the border to Erlian and then get ...

  • trans-siberian express - 'the vodka train'
    to go through Mongolia you can take a train fron Chita, Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, etc, to Moscow. (cost around $200 for 1st class sleeper). There are direct trains from Beijing and Ulan-Bator ...

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Heaven Envoy Tourist Camp

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