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  • Working in Hong Kong
    I know someone who was working in Macao as a ESL teacher (English as a Second Language), apparantly everyone wants to learn English over there... I've been living for 2 years in HK as a child, my dad had a contract with a French company at that time (back in 1983-86). I am not sure ...

  • Hong Kong and Macau: how good homes are they for westerners?
    In the past I was very fascinated by Hong Kong (and to a lesser extend Macao). In my teenage years I spent many days reading about them, dreaming away, promising myself to go there someday... When the territories were transferred to China again, I sort of lost the temper because I am not very trusting of China ...

  • visa china,,,, going hongkong - china - hongkong - china !!
    hi you guys, i need some help. i will go Hongkong and china, first hongkong. when in hongkong i want to make a 1 day trip to guangzhou, and macao, then, after 7 days i will go to china. i know that i need a visa for china, but what kind? i'm from germany btw, if you know something you are very ...

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