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  • places you cant miss in Japan
    Kyoto is the main one you really shouldn't miss as far as I'm concerned. Other highlights for me were Nikko (worth staying overnight at least) - the temples are great and not being in a city was good for a change. Himeji Castle (not much else in the town I remember, but the castle was incredible ...

  • Two week trip in JAPAN
    Hello, I just bought a ticket from May 5th to May 18th (two weeks) in/out Tokyo 1. What cities should I visit on this trip? 2. What are some suggestions of key things/events to see? 3. What type of train ticket should I get? 4. Suggestions for hostels? Thanks! ...

  • Japan This September
    ) 15) Iya Valley 16) Iya Valley 17) Matsuyama 18) Matsuyama 19) Boat to Beppu 20) Beppu 21) Miyazaki 22 ...

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Hotel Kouraku

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