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  • companies who offer travel packages & gap years.
    Hi, What do people think about companies who offer travel packages & gap years. A company called REAL GAP who i've been looking at seem pretty popular. Has anyone used one? Are they expensive as apposed to planning your own way? Is it easier and recomended for a first time traveller like me. All ...

  • Is 30 too old to start a gap year?
    Hi all, The more time ive spent on these message boards the more people i meet who are over 30 and doing a gap year. Im 32 and fly to Bangkok on the 25th October. I sort of have a plan for the first month or so then im just winging and see what happens. I think who i meet will determine where I go ...

  • REALLY keen to go overseas on a gap year after school
    Hey, Im new here but was wondering if I could get a bit of advice on the possibility of going on a gap year or overseas exchange after school? I'm from New Zealand and my mate went to Argentina at the start of this year for a year. He's staying with a host family and going to school there etc. He has ...

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