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  • Scariest experience while travelling?
    It was only scary in retrospect, but this huge guy came blaring at me in Paris when I was going to meet up with Neal. I remember seeing the guy from the corner of my eye, dressed in leather with big Docs and crazy hair (apparently in front of Notre Dame isn't the place to be at night). I put my finger ...

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  • Notre Dame
    Today I went up to see the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was pretty spectacular. Afterwards I went across to the Sainte Chapelle church, which is supposed to be beautiful without the gloomy, gothic feel ...
    Posted in Western Europe by cannon_fodder

  • Notre Dame
    Notre Dame Imagine being at an amusement park waiting in line at the coolest ride. The line is a couple hundred feet long but it’s moving pretty fast. Now take away the roller coaster and instead plug ...
    Posted in Exploring with Transits and Treasures by sethnmon

  • Notre Dame
    I had briefly seen Notre Dame from the shuttle after arriving in Paris on the way to my Hotel and the people were thick outside waiting to go in!! This morning I arrived at about 8.15am and there were very few people around at all... My first glimpse as I came around the corner of the beautiful facade ...
    Posted in Bonjour France! by thewoodsies

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