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    Been to : England Ireland Scotland Wales France Luxembourg Holland Germany Spain Portugal Turkey Croatia Slovia Austria Italy Belgium Denmark Sweden Slovakia Egypt America Canada Mexico Fiji Australia New Zealand Singapore Malaysia Hong Kong Thailand Cambodia Laos Vietnam Booked: Finland Estonia ...

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  • Luxembourg
    around Differdange (the city in Luxembourg where I'm staying) and Luxembourg city. That weekend we went ...
    Posted in Luxembourg by AmandaAK

  • Luxembourg
    To Luxembourg City from the French border, is only a 20 minute drive, so we arrived quite early and found a campground to use as a base from which to explore the city itself. The weather gave us little chance to venture out so we sorted our washing and planned a walking tour of the city for the following ...
    Posted in The Honeymooners by RobandEve

    the better part of valor and turning back for the hotel. But the city of Luxembourg is beautiful, even if I don't have many pictures to attest to that. In Luxembourg, people grow up learning and speaking ...
    Posted in Young at Heart by obanlass

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