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  • Foz do Igauca (Iguassu Falls)
    We left Rio early this morning and travelled to Foz do Iguaca. Our flight few over Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande, where the mudslides occurred a few days ago. Our thoughts were with the residents of this area, hoping all is well. We met our guide Nelson and he suggested we head to Itaipu Dam today instead ...
    Posted in Falking Off by winmouse

  • Paraty Paradise
    It was good to leave Rio behind, I'm not a lover of cities, you always get the feeling you getting ripped off. The bus journey to paraty is only 4 hours which is a hop without the skip and a jump. Along the way we noticed a number of land slides and traffic jams around angra do reis, the town were you catch ...
    Posted in South America For Two by finny7

  • Ilha Grande
    From Paraty we caught a 2hr local bus ride up the coast to Angra dos Reis, then from Angra it was a 45min catamaran ride out to Ilha Grande. The island is largely undeveloped and only has one main ...
    Posted in Gav & Kerryn in South America by gavandkerryn

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Angra Garden Hotel

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