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小切手による支払い可能; 料金

あなたが選んだデートは過去にあります個室 から US$68


  • Sending Travel Luggage on ahead
    Hello, On a recent business trip to our office in Shenzhen (from London), I took a week hols in Thailand on the way to break up the journey. Rather than lugging the 2 weeks worth of luggage (esp business clothes) around the beach, I took only a hand-luggage case and sent via UPS my clothes and files on ahead ...

  • List of friendliest and unfriendliest cities - CNN
    Here's that list : The world's unfriendliest cities 20. Caracas, Venezuela 19. Bethlehem, Palestine 18. Casablanca, Morocco 17. Wilmington, Delaware 16. Moscow 15. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 14. Shenzhen, China 13. Albany, New York 12. Los Angeles 11. Guangzhou, China 10. Tangier, Morocco 9. Atlantic City ...


  • China and the culture
    to Tai Mo Shan, Shenzhen. It's a new amusement park in xx ft above the sea (dunno exactly the number ...
    Posted in my getaway by sandy slay

  • A day at Shenzhen
    Shenzhen, 135 kilometers southeast of Guangzhou and just north of Hongkong, is the first and one ...
    Posted in Wuhan You by suveri

  • Shenzhen in pictures
    On the train from Beijing to Shenzhen. Must.Have.Daily.Coffee! My room. Bribe from one of the kids. My school from the distance. Random Chinese at "Window of the World". Yes, you can have your picture taken in front of the Great Sphinx and Pyramids on a camel. For only 10 Yuan. That's too ...
    Posted in Obiata by BeatheStenhaug

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料金 人気
Shenzhen Kaili Hotel
85 %

Shenzhen Kaili Hotel

No.2027 Jiabin East Road LuoHu District (地図) - ホテル
Green Oasis Hotel
80 %

Green Oasis Hotel

No. 69 First Baomin Road, Shi'er Area Baoan District (地図) - ホテル
FX Hotel East Lake Shenzhen

FX Hotel East Lake Shenzhen

No.1,Taining Road Luohu District (地図) - ホテル
LuoHu Hotel

LuoHu Hotel

3012 Nanhu Road Luohu District (地図) - ホテル
Shenzhen Md Quality Hotel

Shenzhen Md Quality Hotel

4586 Bao'an Ave., 2nd HongWan Area, Gushu Communit Baoan District (地図) - ホテル
Shenzhen Hedong Hotel

Shenzhen Hedong Hotel

No.19, Yan He Dong Lu, (South Side of Ren Min Brid Luohu Area (地図) - ホテル
Ideal Inn

Ideal Inn

1-2 Floor,Block A ,East Sunny Garden, No 2038 Shen Yantian District (地図) - ホテル