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  • Where to go travelling? The middle ground.
    the northface-wearing crowds at Patagonian hiking towns such as Puerto Natales, to the sleepy Peruvian towns ...

  • URGENT - Translation help (lots of languages - please!)
    Italian for you: Dopo il party di Natale, andare al pub é una camminata lunga e faticosa... serve una sosta! Tutti* sono invitati a riposare per un poco le gambe affaticate e placare l'implacabile sete al 2 di Cardellsgatan (tra l'hotel Sirius hotel e Lilla Torg), prima d'intraprendere il lungo ...

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  • Puerto natales
    Hola I have been here in puerto natales for a couple of days now (I think!). First impressions - the town is small and built around tourism, and like most places I have been so far there is a pretty lake bordered by mountains. The main attraction here is the Torres del Payne national park, the Mecca ...
    Posted in The day of reckoning and other stresses by Sammylagringa

  • Puerto Natales
    On the way to Puerto Natales we visited a Magallenic penguin colony. It was fantastic to be so close and amongst so many penguins in their natural environment. The trip started out flat again and then we were suddenly hit with huge mountains growing up out of nowhere. We arrived and set up another ...
    Posted in Duffy Family Adventure of a Lifetime by duffyfamily

  • Feliz Natal
    Well, it is time for me to say Feliz Natal to everybody who has been reading this blog for the past month and a half! Olinda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is where I will be spending Christmas. I arrived in Olinda at six o' clock yesterday evening, and suddenly realised it was Saturday ...
    Posted in You Must Try The New Ice-Cream Flavour by Alex-H

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Marambaia Apart Hotel

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