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San Severino Marche Conversações

  • Know of any unusual festivals in any country?
    Hello Delishy I dont know, if u would consider St Patricks Day, unusual. But it is comming up, in Ireland, on 17th March. There will be celebrations and parades. People have even adopted the American thing, of drinking green beer, on St Patricks day, instead of just going to church to pray to St Patrick ...

San Severino Marche Blog Entries

  • Au marché
    Le marché principal de San Cristóbal de las Casas est un dédale d'étals chargés et colorés. C'est ici que viennent les gens qui habitent les villages indigènes pour vendre leurs fruits et légumes, leurs tissages faits à la main ainsi que des marchandises hétéroclites. C'est ici que nous achetons nos ...
    Posted in Encore Mexico! by nslmexico

  • A Day on the Ocean
    , all the way to San Agustin. We stopped at Playa La India and one other un-named beach before we got to San Agustin. And at Isla Cacaluta, Playa Maguey, and Playa El Violin on the way back. So Don checked ...
    Posted in Mexico 2014 by katdill

  • Seattle
    are San Francisco and Seattle... in his words "cities that will tug at your heart". You know, he's right. Each time I returned from San Francisco, I want to go again. So I was curious how it was like ...
    Posted in Menyeberangi Lautan Pasifik by junglejam

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