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Inhambane Blog Entries

  • Intinerary Already Changing
    How can I pass up the opportunity to swim with whale sharks and humpback whales and dive with huge devil rays? That's right, I can't. So, I am currently investigating changing my itinerary to include Mozambique, specifically Tofo, just north of Inhambane. Fingers crossed... ...
    Posted in Peta in Africa by PeteyWeet

  • Who says beach life is boring?
    travelled...only) started with a walk into town; waiting for a little minibus; bussing it into Inhambane; walking through Inhambane; boarding a rickety little fishing boat across the bay to Maxixe; waiting ...
    Posted in Where is Maaret? by Ofelia

  • Bom Dia Mozambique
    Maxixe over de baai naar Inhambane ;-) voor 150 meticais waren we gesteld en voeren we om 8u smorgens over de kalme baai van de indische oceaan naar Inhambane.. Wat ons meteen opviel was de ''laid back'' en vriendelijke sfeer toen we aanmeerden in Inhambane... geen lapzwanzen die ons de oren ...
    Posted in from A to Z by joenstock

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