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Kansai International Airport Conversações

  • Airport Layovers
    Hello Everybody, I've booked a flight from LA, USA to Japan for April 2011. It involves a layover of 16 hours in Pu Dong airport, Shanghai. I didn't pay enough attention when booking that it involved a 16 hour layover. I could: a) hang around the airport for 16 hours. b) book a hotel ...

  • Hostelling International membership
    in the airports and they wave the fee for you. be worth checking out. ...

  • Airport Security
    flight to Los Angeles recently from San Jose International Airport. The problem was not with Southwest ...

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Hotel Seagull

Hotel Seagull

2-4-78, Shimokawaraya, Izumi-sano, Osaka-shi Kansai International Airport (Mapa) - Hotel