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Hotel Briand

Hotel Briand

É um bom hotel para passar uns dias e acessivel. acima de td é mt limpo. ... mais


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    What is everyone's take on the riots in Paris? I have tried to read up on the motivations for the riots, but can't get a clear answer. Anyone care to enlighten me? ...

  • interesting places to go while in London and Paris?
    Hello, everyone, I'm a student taking a 10-day trip abroad over Christmas to London and then Paris. Not being familiar at all with either of these cities, I was wondering if anyone knew any great things to see while I'm there that are sort of "off the beaten path" of the typical tourist spots. I would very ...

  • flat rent paris - Fantastic All Inclusive Holidays to Disney
    flat rent paris - Fantastic All Inclusive Holidays to Disneyland ParisWhen school's out ...

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Hotel Floridor Etoile

Hotel Floridor Etoile

35 Avenue des Ternes (Mapa) - Hotel
Hotel Caravelle

Hotel Caravelle

68, rue des Martyrs Paris 75009 (Mapa) - Hotel