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Oakland Discussions

  • List of friendliest and unfriendliest cities - CNN
    . Oakland, California 2. Islamabad, Pakistan 1. Newark, New Jersey The world's friendliest cities 20 ...

  • Weatherwise
    Out here in Oakland, Ca - its always beautiful. Everyday when I go to work and pass by the racetrack's big illuminated board - between 59 and 65 degrees F. I think I've seen one rainy day so far. Although, I guess in winter it does rain a little more. And, of course, there is always a bit of fog ...

  • Flight & Happiness: Hand in Hand
    . It was a ski trip, for a weekend to Lake Tahoe, about 4 hours from my apartment in Oakland, California ...

Oakland Blog Entries

  • Superbowl 37 at my hotel in Pto. Montt
    was playing on ESPN2 in Spanish. Superbowl 37 featured the Tampa Bay Bucs soundly beating the Oakland ...
    Posted in Greg Wesson's Esoteric Globe by GregW

  • Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture
    The other day we visited our friend Jen in Oakland to get some travel advice. She traveled to Peru several years ago and had some good suggestions to offer. One idea we really liked was to bring one of those compact Polaroid cameras that spits out tiny (photo booth-sized) prints. The idea is to take ...
    Posted in South America 2008 by jtlande

  • Some details from the week
    Did you know that Buenos Aires is like Oakland? they have a barge unloading area that remind me of the famous star fighter cranes of Oakland's port. In addition, like oakland, the rich moved and the poor immigrants moved in so the richest area became the poorest with families of 10 people living in each room ...
    Posted in Being Abraod by JRISTAU

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