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  • Possible cure for Jet Lag?
    Geneticist Amita Sehgal of the University of Pennsylvania was recently studying fruit flies in her lab when she noticed something peculiar. The insects slept normally when bathed in light for 24 hours a day but tossed and turned when shifted from one day/night cycle, or “time zone,” to another. It turns ...

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  • Bath
    . We needed the sustenance for our long day of touristing. Bath is a very lovely town…by city ordinance all of the buildings built in the city have to be built of “Bath Stone,” a very eye-pleasing, honey-colored limestone. The town of Bath We went on the two-hour free tour ...
    Posted in Travelling in Great Britain 2013 by camner

  • Bath
    On the 20th we arrived in Bath in the afternoon, and after checking into our accommodation at the University of Bath we prompty headed to the Roman Baths Museum. For £13 each, we received entry ...
    Posted in Our 2010 Europe trip by CJTaylor

  • Bath
    We pulled into Bath quiet late and ended up driving around in circles to find our way ...
    Posted in Overseas Travel by krissy

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