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  • A busy day
    Bonjour. Today we went to the luxem bourg gardens and went on the awesome as play ground there is about several playgrounds I one big playground there are these awesome things you sit on and you spin ...
    Posted in Bean's Blog by Cocobean

  • Leaving the Loire towards Lyon
    A note to the wise on tourist websites. With my rose tinted glasses on again, I found Nevers. The name amused me, it was on our route and there was a France Passion near by. Checking out the website, it looked as though it would be a lovely place to visit. We drive through Vierzon and past Bourges, because ...
    Posted in The Places In Between by placesinbetween

  • Tour de France
    that this was the right thing to do. We thought that as there were 3 campsites in Bourg D’Oisan, and we were arriving ...
    Posted in Scenic route back to Sydney by catflies

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