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    Renne was pretty weird and pretty interesting, When I met him in a hostel in Rio he'd been travelling for about 2 years, on the shortest shoestring, like 3 euros a day, his clothes were so dirty, he had one shirt that was revolting, he'd given it a name, it absolutely reeked, he told us in Ethiopia ...

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Pris Popularitet
Citotel Le Bretagne
81 %

Citotel Le Bretagne

7 bis, Place de la gare (Karta) - Hotell
Hotel Les Loges
80 %

Hotel Les Loges

8 rue du Moulin Chantepie (Karta) - Hotell
Hotel Stars Rennes
75 %

Hotel Stars Rennes

27 Rue du Bignon,ZI Sud Est,Rennes Chantepie (Karta) - Hotell
Brit Hotel Le Castel

Brit Hotel Le Castel

260 rue de Chteaugiron (Karta) - Hotell