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  • Travel Books For Sale
    (idéal guerrier): C’est un long poème épique en vers de dix ou douze syllabes racontant les prouesses ...

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  • Départ de la France
    ", hymne qui sera une part importante du voyage tout comme le futur succes de Rob "On a douze ans" sur l ...
    Posted in Eurotrip by chuck00

  • Tunisia 2
    It is very nearly impossible to write using this keyboard. Some of the keys have four options incuding arabic script and the letters are also in the wrong places. Yesterday we were in Kebili, an oasis on the edge of the sandy bit of the Sahara. We drove to Douz where we were dressed in arabic clothing ...
    Posted in Graeme & Vicky go travelling by GVCharlton

  • Tunis
    hope we're heading for Douz, bus permitting... tourist info wouldn't tell us times but did try to sell ...
    Posted in La Presence Anglais a Tunisia by urchinjoe

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Mehari- Douz

Mehari- Douz

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