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Mendoza diskussioner

  • What makes a hostel great
    A swimming pool and a place where apparently it only rains 5 days a year.Like the Damajuana Hostel in Mendoza,Argentina ive just spent the last 2 weeks in.As well as the awesome people i met there. Ah Bliss!!!!!!! ...

  • Israeli tourist’s behavior
    I agree that any big groups, no matter their nationality can be annoying and loud! In the two years we have been away I have to say we haven't really directly encountered that many Israelis - maybe on 3 occasions. The first time was in a hostel in Mendoza and the owner as we came through ...

  • Do you have a short travel story that you want to share?
    Sure...Here. I was taking the bus from Mendoza to Buenos Aires....a marathon over 14 hours. Sucked. Anyways, they have all these double decker buses. The upstairs is nice and bright and spacious...Downstairs is like steerage on the and cramped and dark.....So, of course I chose steerage. You meet ...

Mendoza blog inlägg

  • Argentina - Part I
    Definitely not having taken the most direct route, we arrived in Mendoza from New York via Washington DC, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile and about 20 hours of planes and airports! So we were ready for a few drinks and it seemed we were definitely in the right place...when our hostel bartender started ...
    Posted in HT and Tez's Amazing Race by HT

  • Juletur med Kaali del 2...
    Godt nytaar allesammen. Vi haaber i er kommet godt igennem julen og rimeligt fornuftigt ind i det nye. Vi har vaeret 6 dage i Mendoza, og har stoerstedelen af tiden haft det kanon. Eftersom vi jo er ...
    Posted in Americanos by ahafys

  • Iguazu to Tucuman
    The journey from Iguazu to Tucuman takes 22 hours! I couldn't bear this journey (pussy traveller) ...
    Posted in A year in South America by ynwa

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Hotel Aragon

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LaErte Hotel

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Wine Aparts

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Alojamiento Mayam

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