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  • Huacachina
    Not impressed with Arequipa we headed for the coast and a small oasis town called Huacachina (close to Ica). The oasis is known for the sandboarding and sand buggying. Huacachina town surrounds a lagoon and is positioned within huge sand dunes. It was extremely hot so Rob and I decided it was time ...
    Posted in No work for 6 months! by robandem

  • Huacachina
    Huacachina is just 4 km off Ica and we arrived here early in the morning after having spent the night travelling between Arequipa and Ica by bus. We found a room at one of the cheapest places “Casa de ...
    Posted in The Big Trip by sabrinakam

  • Huacachina
    die kleine nicht ganz echte Oase Huacachina inmitten einer beeindruckenden Duenenlandschaft ne echte ...
    Posted in Last Tango in Rio... by Lanadja

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