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  • Buying camera in Dubai/Muscat
    Hi, I will be in Dubai or Muscat this December. I am trying to buy a digital SLR camera Canon 20D. I live in UK where the prices are much higher. Does anyone what is the price of Canon 20D in Dubai and what is a good shop to buy it in ? Will I get it inside the airport or I need to go out. thanks a ton ...

  • Potent Potables
    The Pisco Sour is a very popular drink in Peru and Chile. Pisco is a brandy or aguardiente distilled from the white muscat grapes grown in two main regions of South America: the area around Pisco, described in A miracle of man and the desert. and the Valle del río Elqui in central Chile. To make ...


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Al Bhajah
72 %

Al Bhajah

Sultanate of Oman (地圖) - 旅館
Ramee Dream Resort

Ramee Dream Resort

Muscat Oman, (地圖) - 旅館
Ramee Guestline Hotel Qurum

Ramee Guestline Hotel Qurum

P.C. 114, Muttrah (地圖) - 旅館