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  • Transport in Greece
    I would suggest getting the metro from Athens to the main port Piraeus and then getting a ferry from there to Kefallonia. Can't quite remember where you get the metro tickets from (although do have a vague recollection that you can purchase them at any newspapaer stalls) and the ferry tickets can ...

  • Your very first travel memory
    I don't know if living in Cyprus as a kid counts as it wasn't a holiday. So i would have to say arriving in Athens (or Piraeus as the port is known) on a ferry as we drove from Cyprus back to the UK. I have good memories of sailing through the Corinth Canal, Venice and Innsbruck from this trip. ...

  • Places You Would Most Like to Revisit
    a ferry from Piraeus (the port of Athens) to the famous Greek islands. Have a great trip! Scott ...


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定價 受歡迎程度
Hotel Anita
83 %

Hotel Anita

25 Notara Str. Piraeus (地圖) - 旅館
Hotel Argo
81 %

Hotel Argo

23 Notara str. Athens-Piraeus (地圖) - 旅館
Piraeus Inn
80 %

Piraeus Inn

189C, Kountouriotou st. (地圖) - 旅館
Savoy Hotel- Piraeus

Savoy Hotel- Piraeus

93, Iroon, Polytechniou Avenue (地圖) - 旅館