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Petra Discusiones

  • How can I get to London from Petra by cheap plane?

  • In need of stereotypes
    Yes, if you are going to be using peoples responses for something positive - exposing the ignorance and stupidity of cultural stereotypes - then I am all for it. From Petra Mehner your typical Tree Hugging; Pot Growing; Organic Granola Eating; Teva Sandle wearing; Decaf Coffee Drinking (ethical ...

Petra Entradas en el blog

  • Day 2 - Friday 18th November
    Our entire day today was spent at Petra , an ancient city built as the capital for the Nabataeans, It was an amazing place! ...
    Posted in Jordan and Israel 2011 by israeladventure

  • Jordan
    Well Jordan was an amazing place, Petra well worth visiting. Interesting when you look on map and think of the amount of times the rulership of this area has changed hands, Petra, known also as Bozrah in The Bible, was the capital city of the land of Edom, I am told. Amman, the capital of Jordan, was in Ammon ...
    Posted in Marty and Jane by Martynjane

  • Petra
    Sunday 27-12-64 We tried all morning to get a lift to Petra, but no luck. We finally gave up ...
    Posted in Shoestring Road by Ozac

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Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp
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Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp

Petra, Wadi Musa (Mapa) - Sitio para acampar
Little Petra Bedouin Camp

Little Petra Bedouin Camp

Little Petra Bedha (Mapa) - Sitio para acampar
Little Petra Bungalow

Little Petra Bungalow

Little Petra Wadi Mousa (Mapa) - Sitio para acampar
The Rock Camp Petra

The Rock Camp Petra

Wadi Moussa Little Petra ( Beidha ) (Mapa) - Sitio para acampar