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小切手による支払い可能; 料金

あなたが選んだデートは過去にありますベット から US$5個室 から US$7


  • Easter break
    Not sure how warm but check flights down to Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. You can stay and party there or head up to Dahab for a bit more relaxing.. Great snorkling and diving... Its a quick flight and cheap when your there.. ...

  • Best place where you can dive and hike?
    too bad about not traveling this year steff, if ur traveling next year and have the same conditions (hike + dive), you should consider Dahab in Egypt. The Red sea has some of the best places to dive plus u could hike mount Sinai. Accommodation and food is reasonably cheap. Not to sure about ...


  • Dahab
    We ended up having a couple of extra days to spare at the end of our trip and Cat wanted to do her Advanced dive course so we headed to Dahab. I was thinking about doing the advanced as well but had run ...
    Posted in Overseas Travel by krissy

  • Dahab
    , which is 15min out of Dahab. And of course I got a room in the hotel, so I was stuck in a hotel again. To make matters worse, everybody else from the diving staff lives in Dahab. Damn! On the bright side there were free shuttles that moved between the hotel and Dahab. So at least I could spend some time downtown ...
    Posted in Fabrice Lambert's travel diary by 5fingerfab

  • Dahab
    Dahab proved to be the perfect antidote to five months of exhaustive travel. “Is ...
    Posted in Liam's Globo trip by Liamps

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料金 人気
Marine Garden Camp

Marine Garden Camp

Lighthouse (地図) - キャンプ場
Club Red Camp

Club Red Camp

Dahab’s walk, beside Al-masbat South Senai (地図) - キャンプ場