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  • Where would you go with £2000
    Turkey: Such a nice country! From western Istanbul to south Mediteranean to fascinating South-east. There is a lot to do without hassles, easy transportation and great food. Jordan: For a lot of the Middle-east culture without dangers. Amman, Death Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum desert with the bedouins. Around Aqaba ...

  • Organised tour or solo backpacking?
    or on the road. (You need to pick up a visa for Egypt at the consulate in Aqaba if you enter Egypt via the Sinai ...

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Umm Al-Nfoos Camp

Umm Al-Nfoos Camp

Middle of Wadi Rum 1 K.M from Visitors Center (Mapa) - Parque de Campismo
Wadi Rum Camping

Wadi Rum Camping

Wadi Rum (Mapa) - Parque de Campismo