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Bulk Photo Upload!

Community Highlights Travellerspoint Bulk Photo Upload!

Our photo uploading area just received a rather major update today with the addition of multiple file uploads. This has been a bit of a pet peeve of several of us that regularly upload pics and high up on the to do list. There's also some other small bits and pieces that will make mapping photos MUCH easier than it is today. It's pretty cool stuff!

Seeing as this is one of those updates that more or less speaks for itself, I'm just going to go through it using a series of screenshots (yes, all uploaded in one go!!).

Check out the bulk uploads tab from your photo gallery.

Of course if you choose the Upload link it'll just get you the old form. Also note the hyper cool usage of BETA. That's because it's supposedly not 100% finished yet, but in reality, whatever is 100% finished online? Anyway, I digress...

A new yet familiar interface appears:

After clicking on the always descriptive 'Browse Files', you get to select multiple files in one go; rock on!

Oh man, we're presented with a queue of photos and their sizes. This is good stuff....

The alert will have noted that the red minus image to the right. Click that to remove photos from the queue if you selected them by accident.

Fill in whether you are happy to have these photos featured or want them to show in your personal gallery and then hit the 'Start Upload' button (who would have though?!). What does this do? Status bars baby.... didn't I tell you this was going to be cool!

Once the status bars are all complete, the button at the bottom will have changed to say 'Edit Uploaded Photos'

Click that (if you don't do it straightaway you will see an alert notifying you to do this next time you visit your gallery) and you go to a page where you can edit the pics (there is a limit of 5 photos per edit page for loading reasons).

One great thing is that when you enter the Location it automatically maps this photo on your map. That should save a LOT of time!

Another neat thing about this bulk edit form is that although you have to give each photo their own individual title, you can actually just fill in the tags, location and date details on the top one and click the 'copy to other photos' links to the right to copy that information to all the other pics. Major time saver!

What's next? Hit this button and you're done:

One other particular useful feature that is kind of part of this but kind of isn't is that you can now also use the bulk update feature on photos you uploaded in the past. So you can map those quickly and copy it over to the other pictures you've selected. To do this, from your personal photo gallery, tick the checkboxes of the photos you want to edit and click the (new) button at the bottom 'Edit Selected'. That will take you to the bulk edit page for which details are included above.

As always, we store the original on our site along with the resized copies, so be aware that if you are uploading multiple big file sizes in one go you could use up your months bandwidth pretty quickly. There's more information on this and how to get around it in our Photography FAQ.

Pretty happy with this update as it means I can upload photos much quicker now :) Hope you enjoy it too!

By Sam I Am

Posted Wed, Sep 19, 2007