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Mapping Photos and Trips

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I was inspired by a post in the forum where Angela_ notices that Tenerife is 'missing' in our mapping software to do a quick post about mapping photos and trips.

I've noticed from mapping my own photos and trips that some destinations seem to be missing just because of how I/we commonly refer to them. Tenerife is a great example because that's how most of us would refer to it as a destination. Unfortunately, if the island doesn't also happen to be a country (like Australia), then it might just not be listed as a destination because it's an island and not EITHER a country OR a city OR town. We have around 2 million destinations mapped and with that I mean towns, cities and countries in well over 99.99% of the cases. There might be a handful of famous sites, but only those that we added manually ourselves out of sheer frustration (suggestions are always welcome for more!) :)

So how do you go about mapping a destination like Tenerife with the above knowledge in hand? That's right, try and map it to a city or town within the island itself. If you know the name, you would start just by typing it into the box and the autofill will probably find it for you, however in some cases you might not be able to remember the name or there might be several cities with the same name in the same country making it hard to find the right one this way. This is the perfect moment to actually use the zoom function that is part of the mapping system (the buttons at the top right of the map). I did some zooming in on the island of Tenerife and here's an initial selection of towns and cities our mapping system comes up with:

That's pretty detailed!! I'm guessing for most people that would actually be sufficient, but let's say you happen to be staying at "Buenavista del Norte" which you know to be somewhere on that left side of the island but still not showing. Even further zooming in and panning to the left will bring up the following shot:

Wow! There's a whole bunch more little towns showing up over there!

Okay, so what if that tree you are camping under doesn't show up as a destination but you know (roughly) where it's located? The system actually lets you create your own individual markers and give them your own name. To do this, after finding the right location on the map, just click on the 'select on map' button (next to the lat/long fields) and click whereever on the map you want. Type in the location name and you're good to go! The system will actually remember that name for the next photo or trip you are mapping, so you don't have to keep doing this. Just start typing the name you gave it next time around to find it listed or click on the little black icon and the system will put it in the right place. Yeah, it's pretty cool!

Here's an example of a destination I mapped myself because Lake's aren't always considered destinations (note: this is a live map so you can click/zoom in & out etc.):

Hope that helps someone!!

By Sam I Am

Posted Wed, Dec 19, 2007