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Thankful and Reflective in D.C.

Community Highlights North America Thankful and Reflective in D.C.

I sit in our condo snacking on cheese and crackers and enjoying a glass of wine reflecting on our time in Washington. The city is beautiful despite the fact is full of a bunch of politicans. It is young and vibrant (median age is 33.9). Great food, lots of green space, interesting buildings and so much knowledge available for acquisition.


Yesterday we hit both ends of the cultural experience with Van Gogh and Rock the Red. The hockey game was great, Colorado is on a roll, 5 straight now and I always love the vigor that Americans support their sports. We somehow managed to get fantastic seats, center lines 4 rows from the bench that just added to the experience. A great night.

Today we took our time and headed to Arlington Cemetery. The cemetery occupies 640 acres and over 400,000 graves from those who gave their life for many of the Freedoms we enjoy today in North America. Our first 'famous' grave stop was JFK's grave which is flanked by his 2 unborn children and Jackie O. From there we wandered to the Tombs of the Unknowns and witnessed the Changing of the Guard and the Changing of the Wreath. The walking of the mat is meticulously executed (21 seconds east, turn north 21seconds, 21 steps, 21 seconds east, turn south 21 seconds, 21 steps, repeat). It was a sobering ritual to watch and timely given we are headed to Thanksgiving Day in Canada.


After a quiet and reflective few hours wandering Arlington we refueled with an amazing Italian lunch which will also be our Thanksgiving Dinner (I got a Brunello with lunch so my day was complete!). We spent the remainder of the day walking off our lunch and stopped by the Lincoln Memorial which had been stormed by the veterans this am and had been briefly open. How ironic is that the people who fought for our freedom are fighting again for our rights on home soil? We joined the numerous others and hopped the barricade to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the FDR Memorial, perhaps the politicians should do the same and remind themselves what these great men created for us.


Regardless of the shutdown it was a fantastic day, no rain and lots of walking appreciating our health and ability to appreciate the monuments.

Ger and I have decided that we will return as there are a couple of museums that we would like to visit. Namely, the American History, National Archives and Aviation. No idea when but D.C. remains on the list, perhaps tied to a Redskins game?

Thankful today for my family, friends and especially Ger plus grateful for our health and ability to experience so many different things through our globe trotting two weeks at a time.

Until next time,

This featured blog entry was written by imalazyj from the blog G^2 Adventures.
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By imalazyj

Posted Sun, Oct 13, 2013 | USA | Comments