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Fall in Love with Vanuatu

Community Highlights Oceania Fall in Love with Vanuatu

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Bursting with amazing sightseeing opportunities, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and volcanoes, the island country of Vanuatu surprises visitors with its rich cultural heritage and its wide arrange of eco-tourist activities.

Due to its clear waters, Vanuatu is an ideal scuba diving destination but there are just as many attractions for dedicated land explorers including Mount Tabwemasana, Chief Roi Mata’s Domain, and active volcano Mount Yasur. Visitors will also appreciate extraordinary sights Mele Cascades, Champagne Beach, and the Nanda Blue Hole.

The famous SS President Coolidge wreck off Espiritu Santo is one of the world's top dive sites and recreational divers are drawn to the largely intact ship due to its easy access and visibility. With so many sights of cultural and natural significance, you will enjoy exploring Vanuatu.

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Vanuatu Accommodation

Whether you are looking to stay in a budget hotel or a tropical beach resort, we have you covered with this list of the top 4 budget properties in Vanuatu.

  1. Coconut Palms Resort - 87% Customer Satisfaction (23 reviews). Shared and private rooms available.
  2. Bluepango motel - 84% Customer Satisfaction (26 reviews). Shared and private rooms available.
  3. Turtle Bay Resort - 81% Customer Satisfaction (3 reviews). Shared and private rooms available.
  4. City Lodge - Port Vila - 78% Customer Satisfaction (15 reviews). Private and shared rooms available.

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By KellieBarnes

Posted Tue, May 28, 2013 | Vanuatu