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Travel Forums Europe Waterfalls!

1. Posted by summers10000 (Budding Member, 39 posts) 14 Mar '14 14:07

Hi all,

Travelling Europe this summer; France, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Nedtherlands and Belgium.

I love waterfalls and just finding somewhere, you can sit and take all the beautiful surroundings in.

I have seen examples of such in Croatia (e.g. Plitvice Lakes); are there any other suggestions people would make?


2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru, 1747 posts) 16 Mar '14 12:57


3. Posted by summers10000 (Budding Member, 39 posts) 17 Mar '14 04:59

Oh yes, not sure why I didn't try Wiki first.

Only seem to use it for work these days