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Number of Countries in Stats and Map not correct

Travel Forums System Talk Number of Countries in Stats and Map not correct

1. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 2y


I just created a new Trip but the numbers of countries are wrong in Stats and Stats Map on Profile page.

Trip was:

I'm doing something wrong?


2. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 2y

Missing are the countries: Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia and UAE
The country count should be: 67

3. Posted by Peter (Admin 5928 posts) 2y

Nah, you're not doing anything wrong. This is a known and persistent bug with the mapping where it records the stop ok, but just doesn't allocate the correct country to it. For most purposes it doesn't matter, but in the stats it then often misses them. I'll run through your trip and fix that up for you manually.

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5928 posts) 2y

Hey Kate, I fixed up the trip. But I didn't find any Malaysia stops on there.. is one of them right on the border or something? That could be a lot harder to fix.

5. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 2y

Hi Peter, thanks and looks good :-)

A few things...
OK! (66 Countries)
NOT OK! (63 Countries)

Yes you're right... Malaysia was near the border to Singapore... if you're interested it is Stop #59 and #60 at this trip

How can I help to fix it?

6. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 2y

Something I have in mind since I use the Planner and Mapping feature... and as you see... I do it a lot...

I use the Map to document my Geocaching Trips.... and so most of my Stops have real GPS Coordinates... but whenever I add a stop with coordinates you da a reverse geoencoding to find an address nearby... so whenever I add a coordinate... you move it to an address nearby and so I have manually place the marker back to the coordinate.... hope you understand my bad english...

Perhaps this geoencoding is not working correct near the border... so a coordinate in Malaysia will be mapped to an address in Singapore... I think I can remeber.. sometimes in the past it was possible to place stops with coordinates without geoencoding from your site... this feature was gone...

7. Posted by Hien (Travel Guru 3906 posts) 2y

I noticed this bug appears after the change to the new mapping system. Somehow certain Location names are not recognised by the new mapping system and thus not counted. This bug will affect trips made on the old mapping system.

I 'fixed' it on my own by going to the stops where the missing countries are, and retype the location and select the suggested one, and save. That country shows up after that.

And speaking of the new map, Peter, I tried to enter Taipei as a stop but it's not listed at all. In fact, all the four major cities in Taiwan are not recognised. Somehow it recognises that it's in Taiwan and so there is only one selection in the dropdown: "Taiwan (country)". I even tried using the accented vowels used for Hanyu Pinyin (Romanised Chinese), but failed.

8. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 2y

Thanks Hien,

I tried your "fix" and added a completely new Stop near Stop #59 and #60 of this trip:

This new Stop fixed the Display Bug on
now showing 66 countries like on Stats page

BUT added no Malaysia Country, either to the list of countries nor to the count of countries.

Than I tried to place the marker a long distance from the border to Singapore in the middle of Malaysia but no luck. My Malysia stop is still not recognized :-(

Looks like a serious bug in recognition of countries... so you can add Malaysia and Taiwan to the countires still not recognized :-(

What can we do?

9. Posted by Peter (Admin 5928 posts) 2y

Ok, several different issues you've both encountered.

1. The user profile page not updating is because of caching. This is cleared when you add a new stop, which is why it started showing again. My fixes to the trip did not clear that cache, though it did fix the data.

2. Taipei missing is bizarre, but this is something we can't really fix as we rely on the autocomplete data directly from Google. I did notice that when I typed "Taipei, Tai" it did provide me with "待老坑山, 老泉里, Taiwan" which seemed to go into roughly the right place. I can only assume that this will be fixed at some point by Google as it does seem a strange bug.

3. The Johor Bahru stop is having problems with the border being very close. Although we have a fairly good set of shapefiles for country maps, there is always the chance that it is slightly off. This is not really as trivial as it seems unfortunately. If you type in Johor Bahru and use the autocompleted location it does register that as being in Malaysia. But if you place it with geo coordinates then it puts it in the wrong spot.

4. Countries not being registered is definitely a bug and a persistent one. I'll try and have a stab at this problem again today to see if there's any way it can be improved at least somewhat. It seems to happen far too often at the moment.

One other side note - after entering a stop, note that you can also drag that marker into its correct location if it's not been placed there already. This could work for that Taipei situation for example..